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HEllo, I'm
Zohreh Qanbari

Mechanical engineer


  • Name: Zohreh Qanbari
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +4915752808367
  • Date of birth: 7 February 1991
  • Address: Thiemstr. 2, 39104, Magdeburg , Deutschland
  • Nationality: Iranian

Professional Profile

My name is Zohreh Qanbari and I am 29 years old. I began to be interested in design and modeling and to specialize in them while studying mechanical engineering.
Since then I have gained design experience in three companies from three different industries. My tasks included the modeling of given goals and the creation of construction plans.
In my second job, I was tasked with overseeing production due to the high level of accuracy in the execution of the work and was able to do well in this representative role.
I noticed that my strengths as a designer lie mainly in precise design and error-free technical drawings.

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Just My Awesome Skills

Both SolidWorks and CATIA are CAD software that can be used to create parametric models, assemblies, and drawings.


Expert, 7 years


Expert, 7 years


Expert, 5 years

Microsoft Office

Expert, 12 years


  • Moving from 2D to 3D
  • Assemblies
  • Configurations
  • Detailing and Drawings
  • Motion studies
  • Sheet Metal
  • Weldments
  • Structure System
  • Design tables
  • Mold Design
  • Monitoring
  • Simulation

Language Skills

My mother tongue is Persian, but now I can speak English and German sufficiently because I love them.

Persian: mother tongue
English: Fluent
German: Fluent
Arabic: basic knowledge


7 Years Experience!

  • 7 years' experience in mechanical designing and 3D modeling
  • Excellent proficiency in the use of PC and engineering software in both 2D and 3D modeling, Solid Works, CATIA V5, AutoCAD, and etc.
  • Proficient in most SolidWorks toolbars like Simulation, Sheet Metal, Weldments, Motion Studies, and etc.
  • Able to work under pressure and multitask to meet deadlines
Rock Tehran Company

Mechanical engineer

Today - 2020
Consultation, design, manufacturing, and installation of storage system, supermarket equipment, clothes stands and boutique decorations.
  • Creating three-dimensional models made of metal, wood, glass and plastic
  • Develop creative manufacturing solutions for different materials
  • Strong SolidWorks skills in creating parts, assemblies, and production drawings
  • Strong experience on weldments, sheet metal features
  • Proficient in the use equations and design tables (parametric design)
  • Familiar with 3DS MAX software to view samples designed for modeling in SolidWorks
Behfakhr Elevator & Escalator Company

Production manager

2020 - 2019
Maintaining the position of Mechanical engineer
  • Monitoring the cutting of parts
  • Monitoring the bending of the parts according to the plan
  • Monitoring of Assembly and production quality
Behfakhr Elevator & Escalator Company

Mechanical engineer

2020 - 2019
Designing special elevators for Sadra Sanat Asanbar Engineering Company (The sole exclusive representative of KÖHLER Elevator and Escalator GmbH of Germany)
  • Strong SolidWorks skills to create parts, assemblies and production drawings
  • Strong experience on weldments, sheet metal features and configurations
  • Creating visually clean and easy to understand production drawings
  • Basic AutoCAD skills for creating laser cut or bending data
  • Proficient in preparing elevator layout plans in accordance with EN-81 standard
  • Proficient in preparing steel structure drawings
  • Proficient in preparing elevator decoration maps
  • Proficient in defining the cutting program for the laser machine using Cypcut software (dedicated software of G.WEIKE laser cutting machine)
  • Proficient in ProNest software for arranging parts on a sheet for cutting
  • Proficient in preparing and calculating the list of equipment needed to set up and install elevators
Haami Project Engineering Consultants Company

Mechanical engineer

2019 - 2013
Main task:
  • Design and drawing of pressure vessels in SolidWorks in order to:
    • FEA Nozzle load local stress evaluation
    • Center of gravity calculation
    • Accurate weight calculation
    • Bill of material generation
    • Wind and Seismic evaluation on saddle by FEA
    • 2D drawing preparation
Other tasks:
  • Studies on carbon and energy management
  • Review the international mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Localization of greenhouse gas emission factors in the Semnan Gas Distribution Company
  • Assessment of the potential for reducing natural gas emissions in the Isfahan District gas distribution network in the Isfahan Gas Distribution Company
Saiman Sanat Kia Design and Engineering Company


06-07 - 2013
Design, engineering and production of wagon parts and railway mechanical devices
Indamin Stoßdämpfer Herstellung


06-07 - 2011
Participation in the technical department and assistance in the design and manufacture of parts using CATIA software


Just My Education

I studied mechanical engineering because everyone told me you can't and I wanted to prove to them I can and there is no difference between men and women and I think that I was successful. Now I love mechanical engineering.

Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal

M.S. in mechanical engineering, Manufacturing processes

2021 - Heute
Tafresh University

B.S. in mechanical engineering, heat and fluids

2009 - 2013
  • GPA: 17.81 von 20
  • Thesis Title: Dynamic Modeling and Methods for Increasing Ballmill Capacity
  • Thesis Supervisor: Assistant Professor Zahra Bani Amerian


My portfolio includes a variety of projects and services

I gained design experience in three companies from three different industries. My tasks included the modeling of given goals and the creation of construction plans.


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Zohreh Qanbari
Thiemstr. 2, 39104, Magdeburg

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